chewing mask
chewing mask

Great things come in small packages

You will feel the acid effect for 5 minutes – more plans and less worries!

Long live the revolution

Social Interaction and Chewing Mask! The Chewing Gum revolution is here.

We are proud to present the firs gum that helps you feel confident. The first chewing gum that helps you feel safe.

Refreshing formula

In addition to feeling safer, it helps you feel relaxed and refreshes your mouth.

Chewing Mask®

Normality is getting closer and closer. But, after years of distances and fears, recovering routines may not be an easy task. Busy trains, restaurants and bars with expanded seating capacity, crowded streets… It’s normal to feel hesitant or anxious! That’s why we’ve invented a new way of being in crowded places.

Chewing Mask, the chewing gum that is revolutionizing your social relationships. How? By chewing it…


chewing mask


Don’t worry! You are not the only one with doubts, it’s something new. Wise people also make questions.

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